Funeral Live Streaming

Some occasions require a sensitive touch.

We're available to provide a simple live look video feed for your loved one's farewell, and will do what we can to provide as little fuss and bother to you on the day. All we'll ask for is an appropriate image, some text, and provide you a private but shareable link in return.

Even for small family occasions our global networks can assist in relatives overseas having an uninterrupted view of the occasion. We can provide references and sample imagery upon request, but due to the nature of the content we'll not share it publicly.

Locations served

As with all our services, we can provide crews across Northern Ireland (based near Belfast) and Ireland as well as across England, Scotland and Wales. We are able to provide private funeral streaming pages (i.e. a more appropriate location than facebook, youtube) for other video providers if requested.


Unsurprisingly, with coronavirus making even the most familiar events more difficult, we have had more enquiries than ever about live streaming events like funerals.

Recordings / Watch Later

As with all our streams we can provide a facility for family to watch the funeral from the start, if they got the timezone wrong, or just want to see it again.

Funeral Homes

If you are interested in providing a regular service for your funeral home. We can assist with staffing, installation of permanent or temporary equipment, and a branded solution for you and your network.