With the re-opening of football leagues after COVID-19 lockdowns, several clubs have turned to us to help provide live streaming pay per view platforms for their fans to view games.

Sporting Pay Per View Solution

A full reinvention of our streaming platform has been completed and we now have one centralised network login to access all websites on the platform. This makes for easier reporting of sales, faster deployment of new features and rapid, same-day, deployment of new team and league sites.

The platform is branded, and the cost of entry is £0.

If you'd like a no-obligation look at how our streaming works, or a free sample kit list please express interest here.

Example Sites

You can check out some of the sites that are live so far at: Leamington FC Live Streaming, Edinburgh City FC Live Streaming , Kelty Hearts FC Live Streaming and Penicuik Athletic FC Live Streaming.

More teams are expected to come online in the coming months - please express interest here.