Live Streaming for Weddings

2020 has been a strange year... limited capacity buildings and regular events put off for weeks or months, even indefinitely.

Thankfully now many events can recommence, though limited numbers are permitted in churches and other venues, and we can help ensure that those who are shielding or aren't able to travel can join you on your wedding day.

Let's be clear... Zoom isn't the same, and relying on your uncle's nephew's friend to operate it for you will not lead to professional results.

Packages are available: from a basic single camera and audio hookup; to full 'ready to edit' multi-camera productions. If your venue is outdoors or in a bespoke venue we can help ensure you have adequate audio reinforcement so that the hard of hearing and your live stream guests can hear what is going on.

Wide image chosen and image blurred slightly to protect identities

When you engage us to help with your wedding live stream, we'll speak to the venue, the celebrant, the wedding photographers to make sure we cover your event well without interrupting any of the other important elements.

Get in touch with no obligation to commit! We want you to know what options are available, and hope we can help.