Sports Network Video Hosting

Sports Network Video Hosting

The Backstory

Based on the performance of our white label live pay-per-view streaming solutions, the Elite Ice Hockey League asked us to put together a Video On Demand platform for refereeing, coaching and statistical review.

Over the course of two weeks an MVP was put together to handle basic uploads, and over the last two seasons we've developed an appropriately fast and efficient video encoding workflow to ensure that each file is available to view immediately, and before each game is completed the first two periods are ready to download in the right format for their video tagging softwares.


This system has been designed for horizontal scaling, meaning that no matter how many games are going on concurrently, uploads won't be slowed down.

Development Plans

Season 2020-21 of the league is coming up, and a full "v3" refresh of the platform is underway. Live RTMP ingest and tagging is planned for version 3. To request a demonstration, please get in touch and be part of the rollout of the new system.

All users have the ability to request features that might be appropriate. Recent requests include water marking, 'guest' team creation (exhibition matches) and adjusted encoding profiles.


Priority email support is provided to league managers and video uploaders.


Pricing is dependent on the number of teams, fixtures and projected number of downloader users. We've priced equivalent systems with Tier 1 providers and their numbers are eye watering.

Standard pricing (12 month contracts) ranges from:

  • £59 per month — simple features, no transcoding, bring your own storage and take responsibility for backups
  • to £999 per month — fully managed on-boarding, and single-season backups, permanent storage of encoded files, multiple encoding profiles
  • zero upgrade fees ever

We'll maintain your archive as long as you are a customer and hand off the archive at cost price if you choose to move on.

If you need a custom solution to meet your budget or your feature set let us know and we'll see what we can do, and if suitable we'll recommend a more appropriate solution for you.