White Label Streaming Platform

We provide the paywall and bandwidth for the biggest and best webcasts in UK ice hockey

infinity21 have developed a white label platform which helps the UK’s premier sport brands: the Belfast Giants, Nottingham Panthers, Dundee Stars as well as Ice Hockey UK, the Elite League  get their content to fans far and wide, and generate a reliable source of income to invest back into what matters - the product on the ice.

Have a look at some of our sporting clients websites and YouTube content.

Fast spin-up and quick return on investment

We were delighted to help Leamington, Edinburgh City, Kelty Hearts and Cowdenbeath football clubs (among others) get up and running with live streams during the return to events after the COVID-19 pandemic. Season ticket holders, home and away fans, and ex-pats from all around the world were able to tune in to watch their teams.

Speedway streaming

As the 2022 season drew near, a group of British Speedway Championship club video providers approached us to provide our platform for their fans. Alongside this fast rollout, we were able to provide discount codes for fans, direct payments to the clubs and historical video archive hosting for this fast paced sport's fanbase.

Hosted commercial live streams

We are developing a platform to allow you to host your own stream on demand for a small private audience, and with an option for public viewing also. This is currently in private alpha, but if you want to know more get in touch.